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The 'Swiss Orpheus' - Ludwig Sennfl

This site holds the details of a book which was finished in November 2008 dealing with the social, political and musical background to the life of the Swiss composer Ludwig Sennfl, comments on his works in every genre and editions of some of his music. It is available to buy, as is the music (parts may be ordered in any clef also) price 25 + postage and packing (ask me for details) I have gradually been publishing extracts and reporting on progress as the work neared completion.
This work is  a cross between serious scholarship (complete with footnotes, references, bibliography and discography) and the telling of the story of the person behind the music. Why the two n's in his name? There are around fifteen versions of the spelling of his name, but Sennfl is the one he and his closest friends commonly used, and he also used it acrostically in his autobiographical song. This is not the spelling which has been used most frequently by subsequent generations however, so you may find more references to the spelling Senfl. Ludwig Sennfl was born in Switzerland but spent his entire life working in and around South Germany. Lots more and more pages to follow......................
An appraisal of the life and works of
Ludwig Sennfl (1489/91 - 1543)

Ludwig Sennfl by Hans Schwarz, c1519

Find out about Cantiones Renovatae, early music group

If you are interested in this subject and wish to have further details before they appear on the site or in the blog then please get in touch with me at kberg@senfl.co.uk